Always a step ahead
90 years of Häussermann

90 years of häussermannOne man, one vision, one goal: 90 years ago, August Häussermann established Lamellen und Kupplungsbau (LuK) in Esslingen, cradled between vineyards and the river Neckar.

The mechanical engineer and former assistant of Robert Bosch realized the potential of the fledgling automotive industry and wanted to become one of its defining players.

Only a few years later, his son Dr. Kurt Häussermann developed the first European disc spring clutch and changed the industry (and the driving comfort of a car) forever.

Through innovative process optimizations and entrepreneurial skill, Ingo Häussermann, the grandson of the founder, established the precision disc springs of the family business throughout the high end of the automotive industry. Häussermann became the strategic supplier of many world leaders in the agriculture, construction and automotive business.

For 90 years, an innovative spirit, a passion for high tech and a healthy dose of diligence and understatement are the driving forces of the German „hidden champion“. By now, the fourth generation of the family – Ingo Häussermann jr. – is directing the company. His goal for the future: to develop ingenious solutions for the most demanding requirements of the customers through visionary inventive talent and to stand out through extraordinary innovations, also in new markets such as e-mobility.  » History


Reduction of emissions and weight

disc springs - waved springsUtilizing HÄUSSERMANN disc springs and waved springs in clutches and gear boxes can contribute to a significant reduction in CO2-emissions and fuel consumption. HÄUSSERMANN disc springs and waved springs enable to:
• shrink package space,
• reduce gear box weight,
• reduce friction losses.


Change of Name

Häussermann Lamellen GmbH has become Häussermann GmbH.

We are still your partner for innovative solutions in the development and manufacture of diaphragm and waved springs to meet specific customer requirements – from planning right through to series production.

This has been our strength and specialization for nearly 90 years now.


Haussermann presents XLife®

April 2015. Haussermann now offers XLife® for certain diaphragm springs*: a revolutionary manufacturing process that makes possible exceptionally high fatigue strenghts (alternating loads) on a very high stress level.

The XLife® option can increase the number of load cycles by a factor of 10 or allows for a diaphragm spring with a 5% smaller outer diameter and at the same time a 9% reduction of material thickness.

XLife® offers wholly new possibilities of performance improvements for installation- space-critical applications.

*Diaphragm springs with a C-character (h0/t approx. 1,3).