HÄUSSERMANN was a finalist for the District of Esslingen Innovation prize 2021 for its innovative development of XLife® technology for disc springs. XLife® stands for "Extended Life" – the disc springs enable up to 20 x longer service life under dynamic loads in the clutches of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, which means they deliver huge benefits when it comes to reliability, performance and sustainability.

The District of Esslingen Innovation prize is awarded every two years for particularly innovative achievements by small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of new products, processes, services or concepts. The jury is made up of a high-calibre panel.

Take it up a gear
Nowadays, customers from the agricultural and construction machinery sector in particular, expect their springs – which have to reliably withstand up to 2 million gear shifts – to have a considerably longer service life. HÄUSSERMANN recognised this need and spent five years and a seven-digit investment developing the XLife® process. At the same time, a unique, high-performance machine was built for series production of the disc springs: high-precision, fully automatic, efficient, PLC-controlled and Industry 4.0-networked. The XLife® process can increase the number of load cycles by a factor of 10 or allow for a disc spring with both a 5% smaller outer diameter and a 9% reduction in material thickness. XLife® disc springs are already showing the whole world what they're made of when it comes to performance and stamina – even the biggest tractor manufacturer puts their trust in HÄUSSERMANN XLife® technology.

HÄUSSERMANN – about the company
HÄUSSERMANN GmbH is the world's market leader in precision disc springs for the drive trains of commercial vehicles as well as the world's market leader in the field of waved plates in automatic transmissions for motor vehicles. Today its products are mainly used in the drive trains of agricultural machines, construction machines, buses and passenger cars as well as in motor racing, motor cycles, special-purpose machines and ships. The Esslingen-based family company, which also has locations in Heidelberg and Illinois, USA, is one of the global players in the transmission sector. Its customers include John Deere, Daimler AG, CNH, Caterpillar, ZF, Valeo, and BorgWarner.

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