HÄUSSERMANN products reliably absorb high forces in the tightest of spaces worldwide with maximum precision – in every movement. No matter whether it is a question of damping, absorbing and decoupling pressures, vibrations and shocks: We provide our partners with specific solutions outside the catalog. Thanks to an optimum and cost-efficient design, HÄUSSERMANN wave and disc springs as well as thermoformed parts of any geometry withstand tension and demanding requirements for longer. With high-end engineering expertise, we are the ideal partner for your future solutions in vehicles, aircraft, machines, devices, systems and buildings. You benefit from more safety, more comfort, higher performance and a significant productivity advantage.


We spring into action to develop and produce disc springs, wave springs and hot-formed sheets (of any contour) according to individual customer requirements. We are characterized by innovation and productivity as an international development partner for customer-specific solutions with high demands – both for original equipment and the spare parts sector. Our expertise comes to bear in the fields of automotive & transport (cars, trucks, buses, trains), mechanical and plant engineering, energy, commercial machinery (agriculture, construction machinery), medical technology and many other areas of application worldwide. As a dynamic technology leader, we get involved in new projects early on and are far more than just a reliable parts supplier: We can offer you the right innovative solution quicker with a high level of technical consulting expertise and readiness to deliver.


Precisely tuned spring force with individual performance curves for every application, no matter how demanding. Precision in the hundredths range stretching the limits of physics – that has been our passion for almost a century. Our products open up innovative solution options in known and completely new and unexpected areas of application worldwide for our customers. They overcome previous performance limits, achieve performance advantages, simplify construction and assembly, help save on installation space and components – and set new standards for dynamic developments.

As the flexible number one development partner, we constantly provide new ideas in terms of innovation, optimization, performance and service life for all special and individual solutions that we develop together with and for customers (customization). Our expertise extends across many sectors such as mechanical engineering/industry, commercial machinery, energy, medical technology and other areas of application.

Throughout the entire process chain of each project, we drive progress dynamically, from the initial discussion to coordination, prototyping, trial and testing to the production of small to large batch sizes in series production.


  • IATF 16949 certified – a much higher standard than ISO 9001
  • Static, dynamically resilient and perfectly adjusted
  • External and internal toothed versions
  • Individual specifications in terms of power and geometry
  • For many applications, e.g. clutches, gearboxes, brakes etc.
  • Force decoupling
  • Vibration damping, vibration insulation, vibration accumulator
  • Vibration damping
  • Rotational insulation
  • Energy store
  • Wear compensation
  • Save on installation space thanks to dimension-optimized design
  • Reduce weight
  • Reduce pollutant emissions and fuel consumption (for vehicles), more environmentally friendly mobility
  • Improve comfort and dynamics
  • Improve efficiency, reduce emissions
  • Reduce friction losses
  • Maximum functionality and service life


  • Technical consulting expertise and high-end engineering for innovative solutions to problems
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee a production advantage
  • High-performance organization structures and processes for short response times and flexible readiness for delivery

As a solutions partner, we provide more power and safety for a wide range of applications.

HÄUSSERMANN is among the very best in the industry, as our many awards attest.


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