Choose XLife® premium quality disc springs for manual and automatic transmission in modern agricultural machines, construction vehicles and passenger cars. They offer unbeatable advantages for everyday use with many gear shifts, and for transmission development:


Huge benefits when it comes to performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness

  • Up to 20 x longer service life under dynamic loads
  • Exceptionally high fatigue strength (alternating loads), high radial stiffness
  • Longer service intervals, while downtime, maintenance and repair times are shorter and cost less
  • Greater cost-effectiveness: only ONE disc spring instead of several and of better quality
  • Application-optimised design, installation space can be reduced by up to 10% with no effect on performance
  • Specially reinforced edges reduce the risk of breakage
  • High-end shifting/driving comfort, less friction loss

Keep going for longer with many load cycles

Each gear shift in an agricultural machine, construction vehicle or passenger car is hard work for the disc springs in the transmission.
They are the highly-stressed heart of the system and must withstand many load cycles – without breaking or causing any interruptions, failures or downtime. Luckily, our springs are more than up to the task.


High-tech springs, extreme effect

The XLife® disc springs from HÄUSSERMANN provide you with increased, long-lasting performance and reliability.
While DIN and standard springs give way to fatigue and fractures*, XLife® is flexible and keeps on going, lasting up to 20 x as
long. The special manufacturing process results in innovative springs with maximum durability – an 'extended spring lifetime'
with a service life of over 2 million cycles (in-house laboratory tests)!

      *A broken disc spring in a clutch inevitably leads to transmission failure.

Disc springs manufactured to perfection

We are your innovative partner in drivetrain technology for the development and manufacture of disc springs and wave springs to suit individual customer requirements. Both as original equipment as well as for spare parts. The 'Häussermann clutch' marketed under the brand name of 'Lamellen und Kupplungsbau August Häussermann (LuK)' was the first European disc spring clutch.
Today, we are a long-standing development partner and disc spring supplier for OEMs and first tiers, such as ZF, Caterpillar, BorgWarner, John Deere, CNH, Daimler and Valeo.

Make the shift today and benefit from greater performance and reliability. Just tell us what you need and let HÄUSSERMANN handle it.

HÄUSSERMANN ranks among the best in the industry,
as evidenced by numerous awards. Most recently, the
company was a finalist for the Esslingen Innovation
Prize 2021.
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