Thermoforming Solutions

Thermoforming Solutions

Highly recommended:
Shaped springs with more performance

Precise spring force: Intelligent function integration

In nearly all industries and applications, formed parts are needed, e.g. bent/punched/deep-drawing/fine-cutting metal parts and sheets, which apply an exact spring force and/or vibration damping precisely at defined points. These products usually also perform other functionalities, for example shielding against external influences or holding and fastening functions.

HÄUSSERMANN provides you here with high-end complete solutions from a single source, which integrate exactly the right spring travel in a way that saves space and materials. There are no limits to the shaping of our resilient bent parts and sheets. High-precision thermoformed parts can be used to develop new solutions that lead to huge space savings, e.g. if previous components are restructured in sequenced individual parts, and also enable a new degree of innovation.

We achieve the sometime complex geometries with state-of-the-art forming, manufacturing and finishing processes, which are precisely tailored to the requirements and desired characteristics. We thus achieve an accuracy down to the µ-range at the specified points.

When conventional products and cold working processes reach their limits, HÄUSSERMANN takes the essential step further with customized thermoforming solutions. We supply technically and economically optimum solutions for a large number of different individual tasks – from extremely small quantities to large batch sizes.

Our strength is above all combining high accuracy requirements with a large quantity at an affordable price. Our customers from many industries include OEMs, first and second tier suppliers.

Warmform-Lösungen HÄUSSERMANN

Sheet metal intelligence:
Efficient springs in the smallest of installation spaces

We develop and produce thermoformed parts of any contour and geometry according to your individual customer requirements – in a wide variety of metallic material quality requirements. Our thermoforming solutions with integrated spring function provide highly efficient support to many dynamic processes even under extreme force/stress conditions and environmental conditions.

  • Cover plates, spring-loaded
  • Vibration dampers
  • Shielding parts against heat/cold/sound and other environmental influences
  • Fixing and retaining plates, clips, fixings
  • All types of individual special solutions
  • Production of bent parts according to your drawing from different metals
  • Joint sample and prototype design, optimization up to series production

It´s hot:
Advantages of our thermoformed parts

  • Thermoformed sheets / bent parts can be produced in any complex geometries and spring characteristics
  • Individual characteristics for any application
  • Individual material thicknesses and surface treatments
  • Desired spring function is integrated precisely at the right point
  • Spring perfectly on point: saves materials and space like no other solution
  • Higher function integration and performance compared to conventional cold-formed parts thanks to special engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Outstanding spring and damping properties plus a high level of stability in the smallest installation space
  • Realization of very high forming degrees with high level of final strength
  • Maximum precision and tolerance class, extremely high parts precision and repeatability
  • Extremely low springback, maximum dimensional accuracy of components
  • Significant savings in space and materials can be made and new engineering freedom used
  • High lightweight construction potential, high potential for cost and weight reduction even in safety-relevant structural components
  • Complete assemblies according to individual specifications
  • High-end quality with high-quality materials
  • Long service life under extreme conditions, precise compliance with force and dimensional requirements
  • Can be produced economically in small and large quantities

Our years of intensive research and development in the field of hot forming spring steels and improving dynamic load capacity makes us an expert in this field – with all options of hot forming and function integration.

Thanks to in-depth engineering know-how, we control all parameters and processes that matter for the optimum design of your solutions.

Our special thermal processing method makes it possible to combine partially different strength, spring and elongation properties in one component.

As such, our thermoforming solutions are predestined for components with higher requirements.