Steady and safe in any wind

Wind turbines on the mainland or at sea are exposed to particular stresses due to their extraordinary dimensions, the environmental conditions and rotation. Each individual component for damping and cushioning vibrations and other forces must securely withstand these stresses.

We are the right engineering partner for complex requirements when it comes to movement and suspension. When designing and developing individual solutions, the optimum damping characteristics, salt water resistance, friction reduction by coating, installation space reduction are taken into account as are safety and efficiency parameters and international standards.

Windkraft Windanlagen Industrie

Application examples

HÄUSSERMANN products for the wind turbine industry: Example applications

Our products, e.g. disc springs, are used in the safety brakes for wind turbines. The brakes stop the turbine rotating when it is not used. The brake is also able to absorb all of the kinetic energy of the rotor and generator in an emergency. It must therefore be very powerful and reliable to withstand the extraordinary stresses.

Windkraft Azimutbremsen

Disc spring in Yaw brakes

Yaw brakes are used to orient and hold a wind turbine. They effectively protect wind turbines from gusts of wind and dynamic loads. To ensure that the rotor blades always face the wind, the nacelle of a wind turbine is mounted on the tower so that it can rotate through 360°. When the wind direction changes, the brake releases the clamping connection between the tower and nacelle and the so-called yaw drives move the nacelle to face the wind. To protect the drives, the yaw brake engages again and the drives can be switched off again. Disc springs ensure a safe braking function here.

Windkraft Windenergie Turbine

Disc springs in the wind turbines

They securely support the generator. The torque from the load input produces an uneven load on the generator. Two spring assemblies are used here to compensate for this.

Windkraft Offshore

Disc springs in offshore pile driving equipment

Attachments for offshore wind turbines are driven into the seabed by special pile driving equipment. Large disc springs assume the function of lengthening the shock pulse and thus increasing efficiency.