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Oil and Gas

Securing the engery flow

Many process steps in a ramified production and logistics network with high security levels are necessary to keep the oil and gas supply flowing reliably from onshore and offshore production through production in the refineries to the end consumer. In the process, extreme environmental influences, high forces, exceptional dimensions and demanding certification standards for safe plant operation need to be managed.

This is precisely where HÄUSSERMANN expertise is required: customized products and solutions, disc springs, wave springs and thermoformed parts, which function with the highest possible quality in countless applications. Our developers and engineers are committed to this, offering first-class support in engineering and construction for such demanding projects. Individual high-end solutions, comprehensive industry and materials expertise, in-house production from raw material to finished disc spring, our own toolmaking shop, special processes to increase service life, special materials and protective coatings for specific applications, our own testing laboratory and customer-oriented service: That is what we stand for.

Öl und Gas


Disc spring assemblies have clear advantages compared to coil springs and other springs:

  • Optimized use of space, high spring force with low deflection
  • The modular design makes almost any type of characteristic curve possible: different characteristic curves can be achieved through various combinations of disc springs including parallel stacks and row stacks
  • Correct dimensioning results in a long fatigue life and low creep tendency

of possible applications

  • Underwater valves and actuators:
    • Spring assemblies for large valve drives
    • Springs for small valve drives
    • Stacks for feeder chains
    • Springs for underwater valves
  • Disc spring stacks in control and safety valve actuators, also including for deep sea applications. Disc spring assemblies serve as energy stores in order to open the valve and protect the system from overpressure in the event of overload
  • Trees, distributors and jumpers
  • Surface slide valves, control valves and safety valves
  • Wireline equipment
  • Drill motors, turbines, drill heads, shock and safety gear, downhole tools
  • Safety brakes – e.g. for drawing mills, mobile drilling rigs, winches, hose reel stations, capillary injector heads, cable take-up equipment
Öl und Gas