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Control Dynamic Forces in the smallest Space

High-quality spring technology and customized solutions are needed where forces are in motion. Our core business: High-tech disc springs, wave springs and thermoforming solutionsfor a large number of different individual tasks.

Our particular strengths are premium quality solutions with up to 20 times the service lifeand ‘Customized’ special and individual solutions that are used even in high-end areas.

Thanks to special engineering and manufacturing processes, HÄUSSERMANN springs have a higher power density compared to traditional springs from the catalog.

Since they combine outstanding spring and damping properties with a high level of stability in the smallest installation space (optimum characteristic curves, spring travel, higher forces, elasticities as well as optimized diameters and geometries), the number of springs can be significantly reduced depending on the application. As such, only one disc spring is needed instead of several, for example.


  • You make significant installation space savings while maintaining the same or even a better performance level – whether using a single spring or in a spring stack
  • You minimize friction losses with stacking in spring columns – efficiency increases
  • You reduce the number of components in the application
  • You optimize the costs including for maintenance and servicing
  • New engineering freedom is opened up
  • You receive ready-to-install systems that lead to increased quality assurance and savings

Examples of solutions

Thanks to in-depth Engineering Know-how, we control all Parameters and Processes that matter for the optimum Design of your Solutions, for Example:

  • all types of spring characteristics (linear, progressive, degressive-progressive, degressive-horizontal-progressive, degressive-negative-progressive)
  • spring travel, spring forces, force progression, elasticity
  • extended spring travel beyond the flat position
  • hysteresis (force difference between forward and backward load of the single spring)
  • fatigue life, fatigue strength (alternating loads), stability
  • clearance compensation, tolerance compensation
  • damping (friction), vibration damping
  • individual component geometries (e.g. slots, long/short tongues, angular, round etc.)
  • inner and outer diameter, disc spring ring
  • overall height, material thickness
  • disc spring combinations, disc spring columns: parameters for layering, multiple layering, stacking
  • installation space optimization
  • possible torque transmission (disc spring)
  • materials, coating
  • special finishing/hardening process for wear reduction and performance increase
  • design and FEM calculation
  • modern manufacturing processes
  • prototype construction
  • analyses and measurements – residual stress, material
  • laboratory tests, tests (settlement and force tests)
  • high-end certifications

Our Products

Disc Springs, Wave Springs and Thermoforming Solutions for a wide range of technical tasks

Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warmform-Lösungen von HÄUSSERMANN

Our customized high-end disc springs efficiently support many dynamic processes thanks to high spring force and force absorption with small spring travel and small installation space. We provide a variety of solutions and variants for various applications and for extreme force/stress conditions and environmental conditions: single disc springs, unslotted or slotted and completely ready-to-install disc spring columns/assemblies, each with special customer-specific characteristics and properties.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Our wave springs are space-saving miracles for space-constrained surroundings and specifications with tight load deflection. They achieve great things, but require a very small area and very little space. Compared to round wire springs, they only require half to a third of the space. This can reduce the size and weight of an assembly by up to 50%.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Our thermoforming solutions are unique. We produce spring metal parts of any geometry and characteristics precisely matched to customer-specific requirements in a special manufacturing process. Intelligent, highly functional sheets as vibration dampers. With individual characteristic curves of the highest precision and tolerance class, they can be produced economically in high quantities. The desired spring travel is integrated precisely at the right point – the suspension perfectly on point: saving material and space like no other solution.

Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warmform-Lösungen von HÄUSSERMANN

Maßgeschneiderte High-End-Tellerfedern mit hoher Federkraft und kleinem Einbauraum für dynamische Prozesse in verschiedenen Anwendungen und Umgebungsbedingungen.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Unsere Wellfedern sind platzsparend, benötigen nur wenig Raum und können Größe und Gewicht einer Baugruppe um bis zu 50% reduzieren.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Maßgeschneiderte, hochfunktionale Warmform-Lösungen für federnde Metallteile in individuellen Geometrien und Kennlinien. Ideal für platz- und materialsparende Anwendungen.


XLife® premium-quality disc springs for manual and automatic transmissions of modern agricultural machines, construction vehicles and passenger cars. They provide permanently higher performance and safety for everyday use with many gear changes and for transmission development. XLife® flexibly steps in where DIN and standard springs quickly reach their limits. Thanks to our special manufacturing process, XLife® lasts up to 20 times longer and has (internal laboratory tests) a service life of over 2 million cycles.

Smartphone App Disc Spring Designer

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