Spring force
for any development


More performance with added value:
Industry expertise worldwide

Disc springs, wave springs and thermoforming solutions for a wide variety of technical tasks: As a flexible, dynamic technology leader, we are our customers’ specialized and competent solutions partner for many industries and applications.


Automotive & Transport

What drives us:
moving everything forward with spring force

We are the automotive partner for demanding, complex requirements outside the commodity sector. Our customized engineering solutions are used in cars, trucks, buses, trains and in motor sports. They meet high-end requirements in terms of performance, quality, installation space, weight, comfort and environmental aspects: safe and reliable even under extreme loads.

Maschinenbau Anlagenbau

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Forces in motion

In industrial machinery and equipment, our customized spring concepts and solutions contribute to optimum performance, reliable productivity and reduced maintenance costs. They are essential for highly efficient vibration damping.



Producing and using
energy safely

HÄUSSERMANN disc springs can be used anywhere that energy is produced and used: in the oil and gas industry, in modern wind power plants and in turbines and generators.


Off Highway

As tough as they come:
cushioning loads in agricultural and construction machinery

Absorb extreme forces, vibrations, oscillations and impacts: Our individually designed products and solutions last longer in agriculture/forestry and in construction machinery and equipment, and minimize the maintenance costs and downtimes.


Medical Technology

Damping for health:
technology that helps people

Components, equipment and systems in medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory technology are reliably dampened against vibrations and oscillations by our premium solutions: optimum for practitioners and patients.

weitere Einsatzbereiche

Other fields of application

A solution for everything

The huge range of applications for our products and solutions grows from day to day. Customized designs with individual spring forces, geometries and perfectly adapted parameters enable the advance into completely new performance ranges.