Quickly securing
connections with spring action


Gradually moving and securing loads by train and also braking from high speeds. Reliable partners are needed for rail and train traffic and to make sure you are on the right track. We are on board. For passenger and goods transport, regional transport, cross-country, interregional and transnational rail transport. On short and long journeys. HÄUSSERMANN products and solutions help ensure that everything that travels arrives safely. Congestion, line closures or even derailments cause unnecessary damage, restrictions and costs for passengers and operators.

We know that safety and reliability are the utmost priority – on all routes, in all climates and in the most demanding operating conditions. We are the competent and certified engineering partner in the railroad and rail transport sector. With leading know-how, we set our customers on the right track early on and develop optimum system solutions that contribute to continuous operational safety and ease of maintenance.


Spring technology:
Elastic elements for securing and decoupling

The stresses in railroad technology are extreme due to the high masses and speeds involved. The components must be designed accordingly. Our high-tech disc springs, wave springs and thermoforming solutions meet the very highest safety requirements for a wide range of applications in railroad technology.

Bahn Federtechnik


  • Streetcars and light rail, suburban trains, subways, locomotives and trains
  • Passenger transport, rail freight transport, regional to interregional transport – intercity, long distance and high speed
  • Railroad infrastructure and railroad engineering, railroad systems engineering, railroad vehicle engineering, track construction
  • More safety for drive and brake systems, switch and signaling systems, control systems, safety technology, automation systems
  • Insulation and damping of vibrations, shocks and noises (structure-born noise) that have a negative impact on function, operational safety and comfort
  • Rail and track technology: Rail fastening systems and vibration damping
  • Braking technology, emergency braking systems, safety brakes
  • All springs and components comply with our partners’ strict requirements and meet railroad technology safety and quality standards
  • Solutions for optimum design of installation space
  • Solutions for reduced maintenance, repair and service requirements, longer service and inspection intervals


  • Spring-applied safety brakes, holding brakes according to the fail-safe principle. For dynamic braking and emergency stops. The disc springs move the braking system back into the starting position after the braking operation. Thanks to their spring effect, they reduce vibrations and dampen noises at the same time during braking
  • Couplings ensure reliable torque transmission and safely limit forces and torques
  • Shaft couplings connect shafts in the drive train, compensate for misalignments and are stiff or flexible depending on their design
  • Safety couplings for reliably limiting torques and forces to prevent damage from overloading, e.g. in the drive train
  • Vehicle springs in axle bearings: Suspension of railroad cars and their loading
  • Flange springs: Disc springs for loading screws. The compressed spring exerts a constant force on the screw head, thus preventing the screw from loosening