Smooth journey:
Bus automatic transmission


Smooth start-up and comfortable gear changes. Transmissions for city buses, regular buses, long-distance buses and intercity buses should offer maximum gearshift comfort with high torques so that the driver and passengers can cover demanding distances at ease – in bumper-to-bumper city traffic or on long intercity journeys with inclines and slopes. In addition, maximum service life under high operating temperatures and the smallest possible installation space for the gearbox are important. For compact and weight-optimized design, there is huge potential in the design of the clutch elements and selection of the return springs or stop springs. The most compact and lightest design can be achieved with HÄUSSERMANN spring technology.

Our precision disc springs and wave springs for piston retraction and shift shock absorption are the first choice of leading OEMs and suppliers when it’s a matter of installation space, weight, costs and optimum operating behavior under dynamically changing conditions. Our solutions certified according to IATF 16949 are therefore the preferred standard worldwide.


  • More compact, more efficient clutches for automatic, automated and manual transmissions – from conventional drives to hybrid and electric drives
  • Robust high-tech solutions for quick and smooth gearshifts and moving forward easily and economically
  • For innovative start-stop transmissions with retarders
  • Better efficiency during the engagement and disengagement phase due to less specific force required by the disc spring
  • Improvement of the vibration behavior and damping, reduction of the overall length and weight of the motor-gear unit
  • Optimization of the gearshift quality and the control effort of the clutches due to constant spring force during engagement
  • Increased efficiency, reduction of emissions and consumption
  • Customized, cost-effective solutions
  • Reduced maintenance, repair and servicing


  • Separator wave spring for quick clutch release
  • Diaphragm spring in the clutch/brake
  • Disc spring for piston disengagement in clutches
  • Wave spring for damping gearshift jolts
  • Diaphragm spring in the clutch of a manual or automatic gearbox

Back and forth:
Disc springs for piston return

Our high-end spring technology is used in the clutch actuators of modern automatic transmissions to reset the pistons in multi-disc clutches. The slotted disc springs, with almost constant spring forces in the work area, combine high load capacity with low axial installation space requirements and variably configurable spring characteristics. This enables the diameter to be reduced and thus a significant reduction (over 15%) of their radial installation space: perfect for the construction of lighter, more compact and more cost-effective automatic transmissions.

Bus Kolbenrückstellung
  • Quick and reliable opening and closing of the clutch
  • Optimized in terms of force, tight tolerances, spring travel, service life and installation space
  • High spring forces after short deflection
  • Almost any characteristic curve
  • Designed for dynamic permanent load
  • Higher transmission efficiency
  • Higher effective clutch force thanks to disc springs
  • Extraordinary quality thanks to special manufacturing process
  • ITAF 16949 certification

Small dampers, big impact:
Springs for shift shock absorption

HÄUSSERMANN has something to counter jerky, unsmooth gearshifts, delayed gear changes or humming and vibrating in automatic transmissions: premium spring technology for shift shock absorption (shifting jerk). The optimally designed stop spring, usually a wave spring, reduces and prevents the severe shock when generating the clutch force. This technology is irreplaceable for modern transmissions in regional and national bus operations, for short and long distances. It’s easy on the transmission components and vehicle occupants.

Bus Dämpfer


  • Higher level of gearshift comfort
  • Less stress and wear on the gearbox
  • Higher level of efficiency, robustness and serviceability
  • The narrow annular springs for the torque converter lock-up clutches are available in many diameters