Full speed ahead:
Dynamically absorbing the heaviest work


It drives and drives … millions and millions of miles. Countless gear changes are part of everyday life in truck drives. What is needed instead of 08/15 components is high-end precision spring technology and customized systems that are prepared for the toughest requirements and certified accordingly in accordance with IATF 16949. HÄUSSERMANN has expert solutions with a high level of stability under demanding conditions for truck applications. Renowned manufacturers all over the world are doing very well with it. The uncompromising quality is well received and brings customers more comfort and more traction on all routes in competition. IATF 16949 certified solutions for


  • drive train, transmissions, clutches – for automatic and manual transmissions, for hybrid and electric drives
  • chassis, damping systems, braking systems, steering systems
  • comfort and safety system
  • parking brakes

Truck transmissions:
Getting trucks with loads safely underway

In order to be profitable, trucks need to run and not stop unnecessarily because the clutch and transmission are overloaded. It is very hard work for the clutch when trucks move and maneuver heavy weights and tackle large inclines. The long friction times generate heat and increase lining wear. That is why every seemingly inconspicuous component in the drive train is so important. We know exactly how important our products are for the optimum interaction of all components and incorporate our decades of experience in development partnerships with leading manufacturers into every project. Our partners can therefore completely rely on our solutions. For conventional and hybrid drives and for the progressive electrification of trucks and vans.

  • Interruption and closing of the force flow: quick and reliable
  • Long service life, high level of start and gearshift comfort
  • Peak load limiting
  • Saves installation space and weight
  • Vibration damping, noise reduction
  • ITAF 16949 certification
  • Disc springs for clutch pressure plates (pressed and pulled applications), for high engine torques
  • Comfortable clutch actuation and low disengaging force thanks to diaphragm spring technology (disc spring with integrated actuation levers)
  • Disc springs for dual-disc clutches: When engaging the clutch, both clutch discs grip evenly, no jerking, protection of the friction linings
  • Disc springs for systems with wear compensation: for pressed and pulled pressure plates. Maintenance-free, for constant forces in the system, to avoid clutch changes
  • Products and solutions for electric drive technology
  • Disc springs for damping: diaphragm springs in the clutch disc for smooth and quiet gearshifts
  • Spring pads in the clutch disc for smoother gearshifts
  • Separating spring for quick clutch release
  • Suspension spring for clutch diaphragm
  • Diaphragm spring in the clutch of a manual or automatic gearbox

Truck piston retractions:
safely back into position

HÄUSSERMANN has individual spring solutions certified according to IATF 16949 up to 800 mm outer diameter (larger diameters available upon request) for retracting pistons in various applications:


  • For powershift clutches
  • For spring-loaded parking brakes
  • For 4-wheel engaging clutches
  • For steering brakes
  • For shock absorbers
  • Customized solutions for other applications
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