Wave Springs

Wave Springs

More space,
saves weight

A lot of pressure in a small space: Wave springs hold their own

Wave springs are coiled or stamped parts/spring elements, which are usually made of flat material. They are suitable for static and dynamic areas of application.

HÄUSSERMANN wave springs are space-saving wonders thanks to their low spring working height. With reductions in the overall height of up to 50%, they are predestined for environments that require a specification with limited installation space. The huge space savings mean that assemblies can be smaller, resulting in less material consumption and lower production costs.


Our wave springs have no problem in safety-critical applications. They guarantee unique stability – even in the case of increasing operating temperatures and almost infinite cycles. No matter whether prototypes, small batches or large quantities are being manufactured.


We are the solutions partner for individually designed high-end spring elements with the lowest spring force tolerances wherever conventional wave springs that are usually produced by cold forming reach their limits.

Advantages and application areas



  • Production of smaller manufacturing tolerances possible compared to cold-formed wave springs
  • Wave springs have very low hysteresis (spring work reduced by external friction)
  • Linear and progressive characteristics and jumping progression possible
  • Comparatively low wear of force application parts
  • Parallel layers possible
  • Force applications between “parallel” levels
  • Stability of the forces is more constant and considerably better over the operating range
  • Small dimensional tolerances for diameters and overall height
  • Small change in diameter during deflection
  • Production in a variety of materials
  • Dimensional ranges:
    material thickness from 0.4 – 5.00 mm
    outer diameter from 5.00 – 250.00 mm, in particular cases up to 1000 mm
    inner diameter from 2.00 – 240.00 mm


  • Automatic transmissions (e.g. compensation of the gear backlash)
  • Steering gears
  • Ball bearing preload springs

Riding the wave of success – 
patented process

Every application may be different, but our solutions are variants are precisely adapted to it. The waves are thermally inserted by a process patented for us, giving the springs a virtually unlimited stability.

Our products are precisely tailored to your specifications. With us, you can be sure that all parameters are taken into account and that you will receive an optimally tailored solution. The correct choice of material meets your requirements from operating temperature to corrosion resistance.
High-end functionality, power density, safety and installation space savings pay off as this prevents unnecessary failures, repairs and downtimes that cost time and money.


Take advantage of the HÄUSSERMANN expertise with individual advice and design: The earlier we are involved in development, the better we can support you.

Our engineers are on hand for the selection, precise calculation and design. You have a direct line to the experts, saving time and money.