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What drives us:
moving everything forward with spring force

Engineers and technicians require solutions that meet very special requirements in terms of performance, quality, installation space, weight, comfort and environmental aspects. Standard and catalog goods are often not enough in this respect. And the solutions should work safely and reliably even under extreme and changing loads. As a contact partner with extensive engineering expertise, we understand exactly what is meant. We advise you on equal terms and support your entire project from basic development to series production. After all, optimum performance depends on the right choice of springs from the technologically leading solutions partner.

For technical buyers, it is also important that the supplier base is right, as well as the connection, the systems’ interfaces, the infrastructure. It is important to be in contact with the right contact people who can be reached quickly so that the procurement process runs as cost-efficiently and transparently as possible with time savings in mind. That is the foundation of a long-term, reliable partnership.

HÄUSSERMANN is your automotive partner for demanding, complex requirements outside the commodity sector. We are solution-oriented and there to assist you with the highest level of expertise. A trusting working relationship that gives you more security to pursue success with performance. That is what drives us.

Bus Dämpfer
Branchen PWK

Quick shifts. Gear changes. Braking maneuvers. Tireless. Again and again. Our disc springs and wave springs are at the top of their game: quick, safe, friction-optimized, smooth and jerk-free. Convenient, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. In automatic transmissions and clutches of millions of passenger cars and other motor vehicles. On the road and offroad.

Branchen LKW

Heavy duty. Handling heavy loads and high forces. Driving, braking, absorbing and cushioning shocks. Reliable and secure. No matter what comes: In commercial vehicles and tractors, HÄUSSERMANN springs permanently meet all requirements with maximum precision. For example, in powershift clutches, parking brakes, engaging clutches, steering brakes and shock absorbers.

Branchen Busse

Comfort and safety on all routes. Our high-performance spring technology works tirelessly, reliably and with high precision according to IATF certified standards in bus automatic transmissions from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Whether for piston return or shift shock absorption: We optimize the spring design according to customer requirements to the nearest hundredth. Advanced engineering that minimizes downtimes and saves on installation space and costs. This way, nothing falls by the wayside.

Branchen Bahn

Any vibrations that occur on rail vehicles are effectively minimized thanks to an optimized disc spring design. Noises, wear and maintenance costs are reduced. The high speeds and forces place extreme requirements on the damping technology as well as the force and noise decoupling. In addition, installation space optimization, safety, efficiency and durability are important aspects. Our high-end spring technology brings more efficiency, safety and comfort to the railroads.

Branche Motorsport

Hundredths of a second count for the winning margin in motorsports. Faster gearshifts mean more dynamic lap times and victory. We develop solutions for motorsports with full engineering power. Our individually designed disc springs, wave springs and thermoformed parts are at their best in high-performance transmissions and drive trains. And it is precisely with this high-end claim that we are starting out in the competition: preferably from pole position.