Mechanical Engineering

HÄUSSERMANN springs,  corrugated discs and thermoformed parts for machine tool manufacturing

We offer customers from tool construction and mechanical engineering certified high-end quality and application-specific solutions developed in dialogue. From the initial inquiry to engineering, project management, prototyping, single-item production to series production with batch sizes in the millions. Worldwide with flexible logistics management and reliable spare parts provision.

At HÄUSSERMANN, disc springs, wave springs and other product solutions are exclusively tailored to the specifications and requirements of all types of high-end machine tools. Quality far exceeds the DIN specifications. It enables a free design of motor spindles and other machine components. Perfect damping for narrow manufacturing tolerances and smooth running is achieved. Our products and solutions ensure secure, highly precise machining and processing, long machine run times without interruption and reduced maintenance costs. Likewise, the assembly effort of solutions can be significantly simplified and reduced (e.g. specific disc spring for preloading ball bearings).


  • Wide range of springs and performances especially for machine tools
  • Special disc springs for motor spindles of machining centers
  • Wave springs according to customer specifications for ball bearing preloading
  • Reduction of installation space of up to 50% possible

For the development of new machine tool models, we simulate the operation of motor spindles with fatigue tests to check the durability of the disc springs. We use this to advise and support our partners in new developments.

If a last-minute or urgent need for new or replacement springs arises, we are able to supply the required products within a short time frame thanks to highly flexible manufacturing.


According to customer requirements, we evaluate the service life of combined disc springs. We propose an optimized design with an estimated service life and regular inspections. This simplifies future operation and maintenance planning.

Best performance for potential applications
Some examples

Disc spring compressors with a hydraulically operated piston. When the spring assembly is compressed, the collet chuck opens at the same time. The clamping of the tool is activated by the spring assembly. If the hydraulic pressure is reduced, the stack is relieved and the tool moves into the spindle. The disc spring stack locks the tool in a clamped position.

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The rollers are held by a stack of disc springs with a certain force. If there is an extreme change in raw material thicknesses or if foreign material penetrates the rollers, the disc springs allow the rollers to yield. This prevents damage to the rollers and bearings.

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Disc springs are mounted as stacks under the ejector plates in punching and fine-blanking tools. If (e.g. during cutting), the upper and lower tool come together, the ejector plate is pushed down, compressing the spring assemblies. Once the cutting operation is complete, the die plate is moved back into the starting position by the spring assemblies.

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Our ball bearing disc springs enable noise reduction and service life extension in ball bearings. The outer ring or inner ring gets the desired preload from one or more disc springs. The axial preload allows differences in dimensional deviations to be bridged. To reduce running noise and for backlash-free running, HÄUSSERMANN provides optimized solutions, which also make design simplifications possible.

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Spring-operated safety brakes are used to prevent hazards and accidents: e.g. in passenger elevators, on production lines, in machine shops and in stage technology. After the power has been switched off, in the event of a power outage or even an emergency stop, safety brakes ensure that machinery and equipment is stopped reliably and safely, both in the vertical and horizontal axis. The braking torque or braking force is produced in safety brakes via preloaded springs.

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Load-disconnecting safety clutches that transmit the torque or force in a positive manner interrupt the torque or force transmission in the case of overload or collision: They separate input and output. The limit torque is produced in load-disconnecting safety clutches via the preload of disc springs.