Entwicklung und Beratung

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We are the engineering partner for higher spring performance in the smallest installation space, going far beyond standard DIN products. We specialize in specific solutions outside the catalog, in larger dimensions and performance classes that push the boundaries of physics in new ways.

We use our leading expertise to consistently push optimization of performance, installation space, weight and costs to the extreme. Until all parameters are right and your application runs continuously with maximum quality in the respective setting.

As a dynamic technology leader, we are far more than just a reliable parts supplier. We get involved in new projects at an early stage and can offer you the right innovative solution more quickly with a high level of technical consulting expertise and readiness to deliver.

Our consulting provides dynamic support for your project in all phases: from the initial discussion to coordination, design and development, prototyping, trial and testing, optimization, field trials and the production of small to large batches in series.

Our know-how is based on our own intensive research and development carried out over many years in the field of spring technologyhot forming spring steels and improving dynamic resilience. Added to this is extensive practical application experience in contact with customers from many industries.

Entwicklung und Beratung


As a partner of leading manufacturers in many industries, we play a key role at the highest level far beyond the DIN and standard solutions. We apply our know-how acquired over many years everywhere and thus unlock new synergies and significant potential in an environment of increasing development dynamics and performance targets.

We are therefore not only firmly established in the automotive sector as the preferred development partner of OEMs, first tiers and in the spare parts business. Our outstanding, individually tailored solutions to problems open up new, unimagined possibilities in many other areas – in applications such as transport, rail, mechanical engineering and industry, energy, utility machines, medical technology and other industries across the globe.


As a leading engineering partner, we are used to thinking “outside the box”. We always consider the entire development context of the customer and their project with this foresight.

We are thus by no means limited to the design of the optimum spring components; we also take care of the optimization of the entire installation space and advise you on the selection of special materials and anti-corrosion coatings. Our competent engineers are on hand to advise you on the specific design.

We work internally and with customers as part of a networked team; we use state-of-the-art tools and software solutions (CAD, FEM, PDM, testing systems etc.) to optimize the development process and speed up the time-to-market.

Upon request, we will produce the drawing and necessary test specifications for you. Many customers have long since adopted our specifications in their own set of standards.

We are also at the forefront of prototyping, and flexibility is our great strength. We have our own prototype shop equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities. You will receive tried and tested products from us so you can conserve limited test bench capacity and save on development time.