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HÄUSSERMANN products reliably absorb high forces in the tightest of spaces worldwide with maximum precision – in every movement.

No matter whether it is a question of damping, absorbing and decoupling pressures, vibrations and shocks: We provide our partners with specific solutions outside the catalog. Thanks to an optimum and cost-efficient design, HÄUSSERMANN wave and disc springs as well as thermoformed parts of any geometry withstand tension and demanding requirements for longer.

HÄUSSERMANN Präzision für High Performance

Leading in many industries

Disc springs, wave springs and thermoforming solutions for a wide variety of technical tasks: As a flexible, dynamic technology leader, we are our customers’ specialized and competent solutions partner for many industries and applications.

Automotive & Transport

We offer customized engineering solutions for vehicles that meet high-end requirements and are safe and reliable even under extreme loads.

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Mechanical and plant engineering

Our spring solutions increase efficiency and reduce maintenance of industrial machinery by damping vibration and oscillation.Our spring solutions increase efficiency and reduce maintenance of industrial machinery by damping vibration and oscillation.

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HÄUSSERMANN disc springs are used in a variety of applications, including oil and gas, wind turbines, and turbines and generators.

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Off Highway

Our solutions minimize maintenance and downtime by cushioning extreme forces in agriculture/forestry and construction equipment.

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Medical technology

Our premium solutions dampen oscillations and vibrations in medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory technology, benefiting practitioners and patients.

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Other fields of application

Engineers and technicians need solutions that meet very specific requirements in terms of performance, quality, installation space, weight, comfort and environmental aspects.

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Would you like to become part of our innovative and dynamic team and help us shape the future of the spring industry?

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Perfection in performance and quality: Innovative spring technology for demanding technical challenges – HÄUSSERMANN sets standards with disc springs, corrugated springs and hot forming solutions.

Our products

Disc springs, corrugated springs and hot forming solutions for a wide range of technical tasks

Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warmform-Lösungen von HÄUSSERMANN

Customized high-end disc springs with high spring force and small installation space for dynamic processes in various applications and environmental conditions.

Wellfedern Wave Springs

Our corrugated springs save space, take up little room, and can reduce the size and weight of an assembly by up to 50%.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Customized, highly functional thermoforming solutions for resilient metal parts in individual geometries and characteristic curves. Ideal for space- and material-saving applications.

Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warmform-Lösungen von HÄUSSERMANN

Maßgeschneiderte High-End-Tellerfedern mit hoher Federkraft und kleinem Einbauraum für dynamische Prozesse in verschiedenen Anwendungen und Umgebungsbedingungen.

Wellfedern Wave Springs

Unsere Wellfedern sind platzsparend, benötigen nur wenig Raum und können Größe und Gewicht einer Baugruppe um bis zu 50% reduzieren.

HÄUSSERMANN Unternehmen Wellfedern Tellerfedern Warm-Form-Lösungen

Maßgeschneiderte, hochfunktionale Warmform-Lösungen für federnde Metallteile in individuellen Geometrien und Kennlinien. Ideal für platz- und materialsparende Anwendungen.


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