Medical Technology

Medical Technology

Damping for health:
Technology that helps people

Reliable vibration damping by powerful spring technology is extremely important for medical components, equipment and systems. The requirements here in terms of safe, highly precise functionality, quality and durability are particularly high. Special certifications and hygiene regulations ensure high-end standards here. After all, it’s a question of medical help and treatment success for people.

HÄUSSERMANN precision products contribute to ensuring that medical technology functions optimally: for patients as well as for medical, therapeutic or nursing staff. International customers from medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory technology trust our expertise.

Medizintechnik HÄUSSERMANN


We develop and implement individual engineering solutions for demanding medical and therapeutic equipment, devices, units and systems. Our high-end disc springs, wave springs and thermoforming solutions are precisely matched to your application in form and function:

  • Specific design of geometries, diameters and characteristic curves (linear, degressive, progressive) for spring travel, spring force and elasticity
  • 100% reliable precision products, manufactured at the highest safety level
  • IATF 16949 certified – a much higher standard than ISO 9001
  • Specially matched for medical and high-performance applications
  • The products meet the stringent handling and hygiene regulations in medical technology: technical, organizational and biological cleanliness
  • Sterility/sterilizability of the components, which withstand intense cleaning processes over a relatively long period of time
  • High performance in a small installation space, longer service life, high fatigue strength, minimized downtimes, maintenance and service times
  • Narrow force tolerances / manufacturing tolerances, high number of load cycles, dynamically loadable
  • Material and surface characteristics: materials are, for example, rust-resistant stainless steels or special alloys
  • Clean surface and very resistant to the most common types of corrosion. Different surface treatments ensure the required protection
  • Process reliability and traceability, documented processes
  • Manufacturing expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for the entire development process from sample to series production
  • Downtimes more under control:
  • thanks to the in-house prototyping, we can quickly react to your needs and support you
  • We are happy to help you even in exceptional cases, e.g. spring breakage with no drawing available

Best performance for possible applications
Some examples


  • All types of medical equipment, devices and systems
  • Operating tables
  • Hospital beds, care beds
  • Treatment chairs
  • Patient gurneys, lifting and transport systems
  • Dosing and filling technology
  • Pumps
  • Diagnostic and laboratory equipment: Radiology, radiography etc.
  • Hygiene technology equipment and systems
  • Measuring and monitoring technology, monitoring
  • Analysis technology
  • Safety technology