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As tough as they come: cushioning loads
in agricultural and construction machinery

In fields, meadows, forests and in a wide variety of construction projects of any type, there are enormous requirements on machinery and equipment: high alternating forces, vibrations and impacts must be cushioned in a way that does not damage the machine or material.

Disc springs and assemblies from HÄUSSERMANN are specially developed for extreme applications. They meet the most stringent customer-specific requirements and even exceed them in many cases. They ensure safe, smooth and continuous machine operation in agriculture, forestry and the construction industry.

HÄUSSERMANN springs are used when it’s a question of long service life and complying with narrow force tolerances. The outer diameters go up to 620 mm. Leading machine manufacturers and maintenance service providers for stationary and mobile agricultural, forestry and construction machines put their trust in HÄUSSERMANN expertise worldwide. From the new development of a machine to the quick supply of replacement parts for urgent repairs.


Safe Operation for more growth


  • Design, material and manufacturing tolerances precisely in line with customer requirements
  • Optimum functionality at a balanced cost/benefit ratio
  • Robust and weather-resistant materials, rust protection
  • Optimization of the quality and performance of originally used springs, whether from the catalog or special productions: HÄUSSERMANN analyzes damaged products and develops specific new springs with the required characteristics for the intended purpose. In the best case, this will not influence the existing design and installation space
  • Downtimes more under control:
    Thanks to the in-house prototyping, the HÄUSSERMANN team can quickly react to your needs and support you
  • We are happy to help you even in exceptional cases, e.g. spring breakage with no drawing available
  • Quickest possible delivery of identical springs
  • Spring production for sampling
  • Engineering service for customized springs and custom-made products
  • Series production certified according to IATF 16949
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High-tech springs and engineering solutions from HÄUSSERMANN are individually designed for a high level of operational reliability and a long service life in tough continuous operations in agriculture and forestry. From light to heavy equipment, machinery and systems: Uncompromising quality.

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Stress to the extremes: heavy loads, dust, heat, cold, shocks, vibrations and permanently high requirements in demanding environmental conditions. No problem with HÄUSSERMANN: There are springs and thermoformed solutions for construction machinery and equipment that can do more, last better and longer and thus minimize maintenance costs and downtimes.