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Other fields of

Other fields of application


Our products and solutions can be used in many applications. They are made and optimized for our customers’ tasks with individual spring forces and geometries. They reduce loads, dampen vibrations and decouple forces to bring calm to demanding systems. They can store and release forces and set systems in motion. Relaxed and powerful at the same time, they work precisely, efficiently and consistently safely.

High-end engineering from HÄUSSERMANN is in demand especially for special solutions with very high quality and performance requirements and for new fields of application. We excel with innovative solutions wherever high forces have to be controlled in an extremely small installation space and this initially appears inconceivable from engineering experience – among other things, with completely new geometries in spring elements. We offer our customers all-round expertise with unique quality in development, construction, FEM calculation, materials engineering, tests and test performances, prototyping, manufacturing up to large quantities and of course service and advice from A to Z.

The areas of application for our solutions extend well beyond the fields of automotive/transport, high performance/racing, utility machines, industry and mechanical engineering, energy and medical technology. Our tailor-made solutions are just what you are looking for wherever dynamic process have to be controlled under demanding conditions, sometimes with extreme forces and stresses. For more performance. Worldwide.

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  • Higher performance in a smaller installation space
  • Longer service life, high fatigue strength, minimized downtimes, maintenance and service times
  • Narrow force tolerances / manufacturing tolerances
  • High number of load cycles, dynamically loadable
  • Specific design of geometries and diameters tailored to the application
  • Characteristics (linear, degressive, progressive) for spring travel, spring force and elasticity tailored to the application
  • Absolutely concentric force transmission due to rotationally symmetrical shape
  • Materials (robust, weather and corrosion-resistant) tailored to the application
  • Design precisely in line with customer requirements
  • Special certifications, e.g. IATF 16949 – much higher standard than ISO 9001
  • Optimum functionality and balanced cost/benefit ratio
  • Optimization of the quality and performance of originally used springs, whether from the catalog or special productions: HÄUSSERMANN analyzes damaged products and develops specific new springs with the required characteristics for the intended purpose.
  • Downtimes more under control:
  • Thanks to the in-house prototyping, the HÄUSSERMANN team can also quickly react to your needs and support you.
  • We are happy to help you even in exceptional cases, e.g. spring breakage with no drawing available
  • Quickest possible delivery of identical springs
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Aviation and Aerospace

Only certified precision technologies are considered for innovations in aircraft construction (civil/defense) and in aviation and aerospace: specially designed with a high power density for extreme safety, reliability and continuous functionality combined with a low weight and space-saving design. Our products meet even the most stringent technical requirements in aviation and aerospace. They demonstrate service life performance beyond limits under extreme operating and environmental conditions – even in outer space.

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Recovery and Rescue

When rescuing, recovering or saving people, equipment, machines, systems, vehicles, aircraft, watercraft and underwater vehicles, powerful technology is used that must function reliably. HÄUSSERMANN supplies spring technology and other components for reliable performance of technical equipment.

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Maritime Technology

With our spring technology solutions, we are the industry partner for high-performance applications in maritime technology – from shipbuilding to offshore platforms and underwater applications.

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General Drive Technology

In drive technology, e.g. servo drives, continuously variable V-belt drives in industrial and other applications, our solutions withstand a wide variety of requirements and dynamic loads. They dampen and protect components, reduce play and wear and ensure reliable power transmission in the electrical, electromechanical and fluid power drive technology.

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Building Technology

All types of buildings can be protected from vibrations with our spring technology solutions. For example, they protect bridges from vibrations caused by traffic or wind, or entire buildings from shocks in earthquake areas.