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Mechanical and
Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Forces in motion


Machinery and equipment for demanding industrial processes require customized spring concepts and solutions that contribute to optimum performance, reliable productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

For example, disc springs are indispensable for absorbing large forces in small installation spaces. Whether as individual springs or stacked as spring columns. Whether disc springs, wave springs or thermoforming solutions, HÄUSSERMANN products with their high-end quality fulfill elementary tasks in a highly precise, dynamic and flexible manner, from efficient vibration damping, to compensation for play, wear compensation and force storage.

The areas of application in industry are enormously wide-ranging, from fittings and valves, industrial brakes, tools, CNC machine tools, machining centers for complete machining (turning, drilling, milling, grinding), flexible manufacturing cells, robots, to large, complex and networked plants and production lines for Industry 4.0.

MAschinen- und Anlagenbau HÄUSSERMANN


  • Higher performance in a smaller installation space
  • Longer service life, high fatigue strength, minimized downtimes, maintenance and service times
  • Narrow force tolerances / manufacturing tolerances
  • High number of load cycles, dynamically loadable
  • Specific design of geometries and diameters tailored to the application
  • Characteristics (linear, degressive, progressive) for spring travel, spring force and elasticity tailored to the application
  • Absolutely concentric force transmission due to rotationally symmetrical shape
  • Materials (robust, weather and corrosion-resistant) tailored to the application
  • Design precisely in line with customer requirements
  • Optimum functionality and balanced cost/benefit ratio
  • Optimization of the quality and performance of originally used springs, whether from the catalog or special productions: HÄUSSERMANN analyzes damaged products and develops specific new springs with the required characteristics for the intended purpose. In the best case, this will not influence the existing design and installation space
  • Downtimes more under control:
    Thanks to the in-house prototyping, the HÄUSSERMANN team can quickly react to your needs and support you
  • We are happy to help you even in exceptional cases, e.g. spring breakage with no drawing available
  • Quickest possible delivery of identical springs
Maschinenbau HÄUSSERMANN

Modern machine tools and machining centers place the highest demands on spring technology. In order to achieve highly precise manufacturing results, forces and vibrations resulting from high speeds (especially in high-speed machining) must be optimally absorbed or dampened, and all the while in tight installation spaces. For the clamping technology of tool spindles and for the damping technology of the entire machines, HÄUSSERMANN is the development partner for high-tech precision solutions with outstanding characteristics.


In industrial plant engineering, for example in complex manufacturing plants, there must be no production line downtime or failure as far as possible. Process reliability is the number one priority. High-tech spring technology, corrugated discs and thermoformed parts from HÄUSSERMANN can reliably contribute to this in many application areas: for example, in vehicle construction, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, paper and printing technology, the electrical industry, robotics industry, plastics industry, food industry, textile industry, packaging industry, pulp and paper industry and many other branches of industry. Our solutions are at their best everywhere.