Producing and using
energy safely

HÄUSSERMANN disc springs can be used anywhere that energy is produced and used: in the oil and gas industry, in modern wind power plants and in turbines and generators. They contribute to safe, reliable processes and procedures as demanding requirements and sometimes the most stringent safety and environmental protection conditions have to be met under extreme conditions.

Our products are used, for example, in onshore and offshore production (upstream) in safety valves for oil production facilities at great ocean depths. They are just as essential in systems and machines for energy production, transfer and storage as well as processing in refineries.

Our application-specific solutions enable the highest safety standards to be complied with, even under extreme and sensitive environmental conditions. They offer more power for more efficiency in operation, maintenance and servicing and help with cost optimization.



  • Higher performance in a smaller installation space
  • Longer service life, high fatigue strength, minimized downtimes, maintenance and service times
  • Narrow force tolerances / manufacturing tolerances
  • High number of load cycles, dynamically loadable
  • Specific design of geometries and diameters tailored to the application
  • Characteristics (linear, degressive, progressive) for spring travel, spring force and elasticity tailored to the application
  • Absolutely concentric force transmission due to rotationally symmetrical shape
  • Materials (robust, weather and corrosion-resistant) tailored to the application
  • Design precisely in line with customer requirements
  • Optimum functionality and balanced cost/benefit ratio
  • Optimization of the quality and performance of originally used springs, whether from the catalog or special productions: We analyze damaged products and develop specific new springs with the required characteristics for the intended purpose. In the best case, this will not influence the existing design and installation space and results in an increase in performance
  • Downtimes more under control:
    Thanks to the in-house prototyping, we can quickly react to your needs and support you.
  • We are happy to help you even in exceptional cases, e.g. spring breakage with no drawing available
Energie Öl und Gas

Fittings, valves and other components in the oil and gas industry are required to function 100% reliably under the most extreme environmental and production conditions. They have to ensure the continuously smooth operation of costly systems and e.g. automatically shut them off in an emergency to prevent human and environmental hazards. Our spring technology meets the high-end requirements according to international standards and regulations for the energy industry.

Energie Windkraft

Due to the dynamic movement of the rotor blades, loads, forces and vibrations occur in wind turbines that require effective and reliable damping. Our high-end quality spring components are essential for safe, material-friendly and efficient plant operation in the long term. They can be individually tailored to all vibration and force parameters and function reliably over the long term in onshore and offshore installations – with wind and weather conditions.

Energie Turbinen