Formula 1, the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, rallying – motorsports are a question of the perfect interaction of each individual vehicle component with the smallest possible weight: Optimally designed and tuned transmission and drive train solutions give racing more power and dynamics. High-tech for high-speed. HÄUSSERMANN is the reliable development partner in this sector the biggest racing teams and manufacturers. We develop high-performance spring technology solutions and components for motorsports in close cooperation with our customers’ engineers. Our aim is to optimize the dynamics, vibrations, installation space, weight and wear in gearshifts and clutch operations to the limits of what is feasible.


  • High-tech products and solutions for all areas of motorsports – for racing transmissions and racing clutches
  • Precision disc springs, wave springs, vibration dampers, energy stores, shock absorbers – designed for technical limits
  • Special disc springs (pressure plates) for a higher transmissible torque, less sensitive to thrust loads
  • ITAF 16949 certified
  • For dynamic, light and performance-optimized motor sports transmissions and clutches, optimized for quicker gear changes and reduction of gearshift times
  • For automatic transmissions and dual-clutch transmissions (direct drive, lightning-fast gear changes without interruption of power/shear force)
  • For extremely high torques and speeds
  • Extreme load capacity, operational safety and service life
  • Reduction in weight, installation space, vibrations and wear
  • Individual development, design, construction and prototyping
  • Precision manufacturing and quality assurance according to high-end standards
  • Production both as a prototype and in series production – in extreme cases, in record time (e.g. in case of an unforeseeable incident between two races)
  • Development and further development of innovations in collaboration with leading manufacturers of motor sports components
  • Thanks to longer service lives, our solutions meet the stringent requirements of racing, e.g. FIA restrictions on replacing components during a season (new transmission rules)


In addition to the hydraulic actuator of the DRS system (“movable rear wing” to reduce drag and increase speed), the FIA requires a mechanical retraction in the event of a hydraulics fault for safety reasons so that the air flap of the rear wing can be returned to the aerodynamically loaded position. The mechanical retraction is achieved by means of a stacked disc spring.

The requirements placed on the clutch as a direct connection between the engine and transmission are exceptionally high in motor sports. High operating temperatures exceeding 500 °C prevail, clutches are becoming increasingly lighter and more compact – HÄUSSERMANN components with optimally matched characteristic curves are indispensable here.

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