Power plant turbines and generators are able to supply continuous power and also to manage power peaks at short notice – the requirements change, depending on the demand/consumption, time and weather. Load changes are part of everyday life and place extremely high demands on vibration damping and the components responsible for it. We are the high-end solutions partner here when static and dynamic loads are to be efficiently reduced and permanently damped. The disc springs, wave springs and thermoformed parts are used in all areas of energy production. Their properties are customized by the engineering of our specialists.

  • Solutions for vibration damping in any load range
  • Solutions for safety brakes
  • Solutions for supporting and evenly distributing the load of assemblies
  • Solutions for optimizing process reliability, maintenance and servicing


  • Control valves for steam turbine fittings: Disc springs improve, e.g. in steam turbines, the performance of actuators for shut-off and control valves
  • Emergency shut-off valves and control valves for turbines and boilers: Disc springs mounted in the actuator for the shut-off and control valves respond very well, enable very precise movements and thanks to their modular design offer extreme reliability and a long service life
  • Hydropower turbines: Disc spring columns optimally tailored to the high requirements (characteristic curves, environmental influences)
  • In tidal power plants, our springs safely withstand enormous forces of nature
  • Springs in actuators for servo motors in steam turbines up to 1000 MW
  • Vibration damping in electrical and high-voltage components: Disc springs damp e.g. the vibration between the transformer and the insulator caused by the transmission line
  • Spring technology for suspensions to compensate for deflection of bearing surfaces
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