Stress to the extremes: heavy loads, dust, heat, cold, shocks, vibrations and permanently high requirements in demanding environmental conditions. No problem with HÄUSSERMANN: There are springs and thermoformed solutions for construction machinery and equipment that can do more, last better and longer and thus minimize maintenance costs and downtimes.


  • Stationary, semi-mobile or mobile machines with internal combustion engines and electric motors
  • Construction tools for building, mining, surface mining, landfill operations, earthwork equipment for loosening, loading, transporting, placing and compacting earth masses or bulk materials over short distances
  • All types of excavators (hydraulic excavators, cable excavators, walking excavators, mini excavators, compact excavators, telescopic excavators)
  • Excavators with wheels such as wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, crawler loaders, skid steer loaders
  • Surface digging machines such as bulldozers, graders, wheel tractor-scraper, scrapedozers
  • Suction excavators
  • Drilling and diaphragm wall equipment such as rotary drilling rig and diaphragm wall grabs
  • Transport equipment such as construction site dump truck, gravity truck, front dump truck, conveyor belt, low loader
  • Machines for transporting and processing concrete and mortar: concrete mixer, truck mixer, concrete pump, silo placing unit, mortar pump, shotcrete machine, concrete saw, rotary trowel, internal/external vibrator
  • Lifting equipment: cranes, telehandlers, construction hoists, work platforms, pulleys
  • Pile driving and drawing equipment
  • Equipment for road construction
  • Sewer and pipeline equipment
  • Compaction equipment
  • Tunneling equipment
  • Compressors
  • Cleaning equipment
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